Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wieden + Kennedy

Walking into W+K is any art directors dream come true. Working amidst 80 talented people can only inspire you more. Meeting up with Ben Everitt raises one hopes, that working with W+K is not such a far short through their W+K side. Moving fast from the W+K side to an creative and working on diverse accounts like a newspaper started in 1821, The Guardian and a dynamic cosmetic & skincare brand Space.NK recently launched in USA.

The interview is on it ways..


anantha said...

the friendly neighbourhood proofreader notices that you were woozy while keying in stuff. the friendly neighbourhood copywriter is envious of your visit to w+k. the friendly neighbourhood blogger feels like gifting you the noble prize for initiative for the sheer effort of crossing seas, jumping planes, trains and lanes for the pleasure of meeting the likes of pearlfisher and w+k. bravo gurl!

pyl said...

*hugs* thats so sweet. i am touched.