Friday, February 23, 2007

Closed for holidays

Am on vacation. Yay!!
Next update is on friday March 2.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Waitrose Dried Fruit

Little jars with window packaging showing off the fresh plump fruits.

Designed by: Turner Duckworth

Waitrose Cookies

Yummy cookies in a paper bag with mouth watering pictures that throw any diet out of the window.

Designed by: Turner Duckworth

Waitrose Canned Vegetables

Don't think I can get enough of Waitrose packaging. Every pack is simply stunning and minimal.

Designed by: Turner Duckworth

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Coke side of Life

Can't wait to get my set of these. I have only managed to get the different views of the bottle from Caviar.

Coke Side of Life

The new Coke bottles are designed by the M5 short for Magnificent 5. The M5 consists of The Designers Republic (Europe); MK12 (North America); Lobo (South America); Caviar (Asia) and Rex & Tennant McKay (Africa).

via: Biz Community

Designed by:
Caviar (Asia)
MK12 (North America)
Lobo (South America)
Rex & Tennant McKay (Africa).
The Designers Republic (Europe)


Coke Blak.

ps. unsure of design firm, please comment if you know the designer.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Saks Fifth Avenue

With a re newed logo comes exciting packaging. The logo was divided into a grid of 64 squares, which when shuffled leads to "98,137,610,226,945,526,221,323,127,451,938,506,431,029,
735,326,490,840,972,261,848,186,538,906,070,058,088,365,083,852,800,000,000,000" combinations. phew!!!
The most interesting part is the constant use of design without the boring repititions of using just one element all over.

Designed by: Pentagram

Friday, February 02, 2007

INSPIRATIONS - sidebar menu

I am including a new side bar section - INSPIRATIONS where I ll give links to the design studios I feature.
Starting with Turner & Duckworth.

Turner & Duckworth's much awaited new beta website is up. And yes there is loads of stuff designed by them that I shall be featuring.


Products for the car, that wipe out the blues of cleaning a dirty car.

Designed by: Turner Duckworth


Can't wait to get my hands on these HANDYWIPES. It makes having little kids dripping in your backseat car seem delightful, when you hand them these wipes. Makes me smile and reminds me of my childhood days.

pretty pretty supplements that take the boredom of boring supplements out of the way.

Designed by: Turner Duckworth


Lightings from Homebase. 40,000 odd packaging designs were done by Turner & Duckworth for Homebase.

Designed by - Turner Duckworth


Oh!! I am so excited, I end up breaking the tab every time I try to open a can. I can't get over the simplicity of design in the logo and the packaging. It is just brilliant. It doesn't need an explanation or manual.

Designed by: Turner Duckworth


UK Kitchenware brand, understated design. This project was worked in collabration with Paul Priestman.

Designed by: Turner Duckworth